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€ 10,99

Stop reinventing the wheel - be more productive with SnippetsLab.

SnippetsLab is a full-featured, easy-to-use snippets manager. It helps you to build your personal code snippets library and makes sure that you have easy access to them whenever you want.

Main Features

• Stunning user interface with 13 beautiful themes
• Syntax highlighting for over 440 languages
• Create nested folders, Smart Groups, and shortcuts
• Add notes & tags to a snippet
• Include multiple fragments in a single snippet (useful when one snippet logically consists of multiple separate "parts," such as a header and an implementation, or different solutions to one problem; every fragment under one snippet can have its own language and note)
• Multiple windows & pin individual window at the top of the screen
• Use advanced search filters (search by folder/tags/languages) to find your snippets instantly
• Use iCloud to synchronize your database ​across multiple devices
• Automatic code formatting (for supported languages)
• Export the library to JSON, XML or plain text files
• Use the SnippetsLab Assistant to search, browse and create snippets right from the menu bar
• Automatic backups for a peace of mind
• Support for printing, sharing, macOS Services, etc.

Markdown Support - SnippetsLab is also a full-featured markdown editor!

• Create markdown snippets
• Choose between editing, preview, or side-by-side view mode
• Accurate two-way scroll synchronization
• Syntax highlighting for the same set of over 440 supported languages
• LaTeX rendering support
• Keyboard shortcuts for quick formatting
• Fully customizable CSS themes


• Sync: Customize the library location or use any 3rd-party file-based sync services (such as Dropbox or Google Drive).
• CodeBox: Import from CodeBox Library (.cbxml) files
• Gist: Import from GitHub Gist & publish your snippets as gists. SnippetsLab supports both and GitHub Enterprise accounts. (Please note that two-way sync is NOT supported.)
• Alfred Custom Search: Start searching from Alfred using the “snippetslab://search/{query}” URL scheme
• Alfred Workflow: Search and view the results directly in Alfred, open them in SnippetsLab, copy to clipboard or paste to the frontmost app (Note: Alfred Powerpack is required to use the workflow)

Supported Languages

For a complete list of all 440+ supported languages, please visit:

€ 10,99


6-8-2019 | Versie : 1.9 | Omvang : 15,5 MB
## New features in SnippetsLab 1.9

- Duplicate a snippet
- Directly paste snippet content to the active app from SnippetsLab Assistant
- Automatically format code (for supported languages only)
- Use a keyboard shortcut to toggle comments (for supported languages only)
- View snippets browse history and navigate to previously viewed snippets
- Fenced code block in Markdown snippets now has proper language-specific syntax highlighting
- Syntax highlighting for 22 new languages: Augeas, BBCBasic, Boa, Charmci, DASM16, Fennel, FloScript, Freefem, HLSL, Hspec, Icon, Pony, SARL, Slash, Slurm, SmartGameFormat, TOML, TeraTermmacro, ucode, Unicon, VBScript, Xorg

## Bug fixes

- SnippetsLab Assistant custom search criteria now functions normally
- Fixed a possible crash when creating folders, smart groups or snippets
- Fixed a possible crash/hang when editing Markdown snippets

5-5-2019 | Versie : 1.8.5 | Omvang : 11,8 MB
- Bug fixes and stability improvements.

13-2-2019 | Versie : 1.8.3 | Omvang : 11,9 MB
- Bug fixes and performance improvements.


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