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Door Simon Says, Inc.

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**As featured in Apple's FCPX Keynote (2018)

Simon Says is the accurate AI transcription tool: swiftly transcribe, subtitle, caption, and translate your audio and video.

In minutes and for pennies. And in 100 languages.

Transcription and translation used to be frustrating.
Not anymore.

This application operates standalone and as an extension built for Final Cut Pro X.

It supports:
-import of audio / video files (major formats and codecs)
-timecode-based projects
-import of FCPX events with projects and clips and export captions, titles, and ranges
-transcription/translation languages: English, Spanish, French, German, Italian, Danish, Dutch, Finnish, Greek, Japanese, Portuguese, Russian, Swedish, and dozens more
-subtitle translations for international versioning

1. Drag in your audio, video, or FCPX events
2. Pay (new users get 15 mins for free) & Transcribe
3. Your transcript is ready! Bookmark, annotate, edit, and share with teammates. Even preview subtitle formatting in the visual subtitle editor.
4. Export back to your video editing application (like FCPX, Premiere, Avid) or to Word.


Simon Says is the advanced A.I. transcription and translation tool built for video pros. We make post production more efficient, saving significant time and costs. Import audio/video and in 100 languages: they accurately transcribe, subtitle, caption, and translate in minutes.

Our products:
-Web: (cloud)
-Desktop/laptop software (cloud)
-FCP X Extension and Mac app (cloud)
-iOS meeting recorder/transcriber (cloud)
*A project transcribed in one cloud application is then seamlessly accessible from any other Simon Says cloud product. Import from the Mac app; edit on the website; share from the iOS app. Simple.

-on-premise Desktop/laptop software, for customers with high security requirements and where the A.I. runs locally (data is not sent to the cloud)

Cost is based on the length of the media to transcribe and the rate your plan is entitled to. There are Pay As You Go and subscription plans: see the website for details.



29-2-2020 | Versie : 2.0.8 | Omvang : 84,5 MB
- Import your FCP project with all its MC, sync and compound clips - no need for any funny workarounds anymore
- Support for more MC, sync, and compound clip permutations
- Better, faster under-the-hood improvements

9-2-2020 | Versie : 2.0.4 | Omvang : 84,3 MB
Big update:
-MUCH faster transcoding. Like real fast.
-support for FCP projects as intended: just drag and drop. No need for the previous export/import workaround.
-we love ya FCPX MC, sync, and compound clips - we support more and more permutations of y'all. :)
-lots of improvements under the hood

15-12-2019 | Versie : 2.0.2 | Omvang : 87,6 MB
We now allow editing project names within the app, support imports of waaaaay more permutations of multicam, sync and compound clips.

And we have brought some of our nifty web transcript editing capabilities to the Mac app: add speaker labels, annotate, bookmark, and adjust start timecode and framerate.

We also added waaaaay more export options including FCPX TItles, DaVinci Resolve, and a bunch of new subtitle formats.

- Additional permutations of Multicam Clips, Sync Clips, Compound clips, and bug fixes

Screenshots Mac OSX :

Screenshots Mac OSX Screenshots Mac OSX Screenshots Mac OSX Screenshots Mac OSX Screenshots Mac OSX Screenshots Mac OSX


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