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€ 19,99

scapple: to work or shape roughly, without smoothing to a finish.
- The Chambers Dictionary

Ever scribbled ideas on a piece of paper and drawn lines between related thoughts? Then you already know what Scapple does. It's a virtual sheet of paper that lets you make notes anywhere and connect them using lines or arrows.

Join up your thinking however you want. Scapple doesn't force you to make connections—every note is equal, so it's up to you which notes have connections and which don't. You have complete freedom to experiment with how your ideas fit together.

Creating notes is as easy as double-clicking anywhere on the page; making connections between ideas is as simple as dragging and dropping one note onto another. And unlike real paper, in Scapple you can move notes around and never run out of space.

• Simple—and fun!—to use
• Write notes anywhere
• Connect notes using drag and drop
• Move and arrange notes easily
• Stack notes in columns of related ideas
• Label connections
• Create background shapes to group notes
• Customise the appearance of notes
• MathType support
• iCloud syncing
• Full screen mode
• Export to popular formats or print your ideas
• Easily drag notes into Scrivener for further development

If you have any questions or feedback, you can contact us by email on or via our support forum at

€ 19,99


15-12-2019 | Versie : 1.3.4 | Omvang : 10,2 MB
Miscellaneous bug fixes.

13-2-2019 | Versie : 1.3.2 | Omvang : 10,0 MB
• Added support for Dark appearance on 10.14.
• Space bar scrolling is now smoother when zoomed.
• Style names in the inspector are now truncated if too long to fit, instead of wrapping.
• Miscellaneous bug fixes.

1-12-2017 | Versie : 1.3.1 | Omvang : 10,0 MB
• 1.3.1 is a patch for 1.3 that fixes a crashing issue on systems older than 10.10.

1.3 Release Notes:
• You can now label connections between notes. To do so, select two notes and choose “Connection Label…” from the “Notes” or contextual menu. Double-click on an existing label to edit it.
• The Inspector has been modernised and now appears as a sidebar rather than as a floating panel.
• You can now assign note styles via the inspector using the new “Note Styles” palette.
• Create new note styles by dragging notes into the inspector.
• Drag a style out of the inspector to create a new note of that style.
• A “Scapple” folder now appears in iCloud Drive.
• The footer bar and other UI elements have been refreshed for a more modern appearance.
• Holding down Shift and Command in Movement Mode now speeds up moving notes even more than just holding Shift.
• New options added to align notes horizontally or vertically in background notes.
• You can now assign the keyboard shortcuts Cmd-Opt-1 to Cmd-Opt-9 to note styles.
• Tiled background images should now appear the same when exporting and printing as in the UI.
• Quick Look previews now appear correctly on High Sierra.
• Numerous bug fixes.

Screenshots Mac OSX :

Screenshots Mac OSX Screenshots Mac OSX Screenshots Mac OSX Screenshots Mac OSX Screenshots Mac OSX


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