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Pixelmator Pro is an incredibly powerful, beautiful, and easy to use image editor designed exclusively for Mac.

With a wide range of professional-grade, nondestructive image editing tools, Pixelmator Pro lets you bring out the best in your photos, create gorgeous compositions and designs, draw, paint, apply stunning effects, design beautiful text, and edit images in just about any way you can imagine. And thanks to its intuitive and accessible design, Pixelmator Pro is delightfully easy to use — whether you’re just starting out with image editing or you’re a seasoned pro.

Exceptional Design and Functionality
• The modern, single-window interface of Pixelmator Pro is designed exclusively for working with images on a Mac
• An intuitive and refined interface makes pro image editing easy and accessible to everyone — from complete beginners to design professionals
• With both dark and light appearances, Pixelmator Pro seamlessly adapts to the Light and Dark Modes of macOS
• A full-featured Photos extension lets you edit images using Pixelmator Pro without ever leaving Photos, saving layered, nondestructive edits directly to your library

Professional Tools
• Enhance your existing images and create new ones using every image editing tool you could ever need
• Edit nondestructively, adjusting individual changes whenever you like
• Easily move, resize, and arrange objects to create stunning compositions
• Adjust the colors in images with a collection of nondestructive color adjustments
• Use the Core ML-powered ML Enhance to automatically improve the look of your photos
• Enjoy superior support for RAW files, editing RAW images right inside Pixelmator Pro without having to preprocess them
• Create digital or traditional paintings using a collection of handcrafted, fully-customizable, dual-texture brushes with full support for digital graphics tablets
• Combine the built-in effects in Pixelmator Pro to create any artistic or special effects you can imagine
• Save the adjustment, effect, and layer style combinations your create, use them in any of your images, and share them with others
• Magically remove small imperfections or entire objects, seamlessly clone parts of your photos, and lighten or darken precise areas using a full set of retouching tools
• Use the reshaping tools to easily change the shape of any object or area in your images, create striking artistic effects or make subtle changes to portrait photos
• Add high-quality, customizable vector graphics designed by the Pixelmator Team
• Create your own vector graphics using the Pen tool
• Easily design great-looking text with a full set of typography tools
• Optimize and save your images for the web, using advanced compression to shrink file sizes to the smallest possible
• Batch process images using seven built-in Automator actions: Apply Color Adjustments to Images, Apply Effects to Images, Auto Enhance Images, Auto White Balance Images, Scale Images, Trim Images, and Change Type of Images

Image Editing Enhanced by Machine Learning
• Use ML Enhance to intelligently enhance photos with a machine learning algorithm trained on millions of professional photos
• Automatically give descriptive names to the layers you add
• Intelligently straighten images using the Crop tool's horizon detection feature
• Magically remove objects, recreating image areas with stunning realism using the Repair tool
• Quickly make accurate selections with ease using the Quick Selection tool

• Open and edit images in all the most popular image formats, including JPEG, TIFF, PNG, PSD, HEIF, SVG, PDF, GIF, BMP, TGA, and JPEG-2000
• Open and edit Photoshop images with layers
• Open and edit SVG vector images
• Share your images to Photos, Mail, AirDrop and other locations right from Pixelmator Pro

Built Exclusively for Mac
Designed exclusively for macOS, Pixelmator Pro supports almost every major macOS feature and integrates seamlessly with macOS Mojave.

€ 43,99


6-8-2019 | Versie : 1.4 | Omvang : 174,4 MB
Pixelmator Pro 1.4 Hummingbird adds an incredibly powerful Photos extension, transforming your Photos app into an advanced, layer-based image editor, includes an all-new Zoom tool, an improved Crop tool, and a whole lot more.

Incredible Photos Extension
• The incredibly powerful new Photos extension lets you edit images using Pixelmator Pro without ever leaving the Photos app.
• Every Pixelmator Pro tool and feature is available in Photos.
• Save layers and other nondestructive changes directly to your Photos library and sync between computers via iCloud.
• Enjoy support for all Pixelmator Pro keyboard shortcuts in Photos.

New Zoom Tool and Improved Crop Tool
• Effortlessly zoom and scroll images with the brand new Zoom tool.
• Use the Navigator to move around large images with ease.
• Check out the updated Crop tool — it now has a Delete mode, redesigned presets, and the ability to crop to custom pixel sizes.
• Use the new Delete mode to permanently delete unwanted image areas after cropping.
• Crop presets have been moved to the Tool Options pane, freeing up more editing space for your image.
• Constrain crops to exact pixel sizes.
• Flip Vertically and Flip Horizontally commands are now available in the Crop tool.

• You can now insert layered images — in PXD, PXM, SVG, or PSD format — right into existing Pixelmator Pro documents using drag and drop.
• Copying and pasting layered files from Finder or your desktop works, too.
• The Paint and Erase tools have been redesigned, moving presets into the Tool Options pane, highlighting individual brushes, and freeing up more editing space for your images.
• The Slice tool has also got itself a makeover, incorporating its presets into the Tool Options pane.
• The template chooser now includes a Devices category with iPhone, Mac, Apple Watch, and other screen sizes.
• Significantly improved performance when editing images with a large number of layers.
• The Pixelmator Pro file format has been optimized to reduce file sizes.
• Gradients and layer styles from the original Pixelmator can now be imported into Pixelmator Pro.
• Items in the Info bar are now double-clickable, so you can quickly change the size, color profile, color depth of your image or choose the Arrange tool.
• The Option-Command-F keyboard shortcut will now apply the Color Fill effect.
• The Control-H keyboard shortcut now toggles layer visibility.
• The Option-L keyboard shortcut now shows or hides the Layers sidebar.
• ML Fix has been renamed to ML and its appearance has been updated (to match Pixelmator Photo).
• A new Image menu is now available in the menu bar, containing commands like Image Size, Canvas Size, Color Depth, and more.
• When using the Repair or Clone tools, the Sample All Layers setting will now be disabled when a layer has effects, adjustments, or styles as this produces unexpected results.
• Pixelmator Pro presets in Automator will now update as soon as they are changed in Pixelmator Pro without having to quit the app.
• When exporting to PDF, you can change the color profile of the exported image in the Export dialog.

• PNG, TIFF, and JPEG images over 16000x16000 pixels in size were being opened empty. Fixed.
• Pressing and holding the Shift and Command keys while using the Free Transform tool would not highlight the Skew button. Fixed.
• Pressing and holding the Option, Command, and Shift keys while using the Free Transform tool would not highlight the Perspective button. Fixed.
• The Cancel button was not working in the progress dialog that appears when opening images. Fixed.
• Colors in the Touch Bar were not being matched to the document color space. Fixed.
• Improved compatibility with future versions of macOS.

** Note: Pixelmator Pro documents saved in version 1.4 are not compatible with previous versions of Pixelmator Pro. **

Have any feedback about the update or Pixelmator Pro in general? We’d love to hear it at support@pixelmator.com!​

27-4-2019 | Versie : 1.3.3 | Omvang : 161,9 MB
Pixelmator Pro 1.3.3 includes a few small fixes to keep Pixelmator Pro running smoothly. A bigger update is just around the corner! Here’s what we added in the previous update:

New Features
• Thanks to Portrait Mask support, Pixelmator Pro will now open photos taken in Portrait mode on iOS 12 together with a layer mask.
• Pixelmator Pro will now always use tabs by default and remember your window size and position for all new documents.
• Use the new Comics effect to quickly apply a comic book-style to any image — you can find this effect in the Stylize category.
• A number of new keyboard shortcuts make it easier to select, organize, and duplicate layers.
• Press the Slash (/) key to quickly lock and unlock layers.
• Option-Left bracket ([) and Option-Right bracket (]) let you select one layer up and down.
• Option-Comma (,) and Option-Period (.) let you select the top and bottom layer.
• Option-Arrow will now duplicate layers and move them by 1 pixel. Option-Shift-Arrow will duplicate and move by 10 pixels.
• Option-clicking a layer’s visibility icon will now hide all other layers.

• Zoom performance improvements speed up zooming in documents with many layers.
• Pressing the Return key while drawing a path will now close the path.
• Converting text to shape is now much (much) faster.
• The Repair tool progress bar will no longer be shown when making quick, small repairs.
• The Brightness adjustment is now more precise in images with extreme tonal ranges.
• Previously, the Channel Mixer used our perceptual color model to make prettier adjustments. Since it’s more of a functional adjustment rather than a creative one, it now mixes channels purely mathematically.
• Changing the rulers’ origin will now update the grid to match the new rulers.
• Pressing and holding the Shift key while changing the rulers’ origin will now snap it to the grid and objects in your composition.
• When you add a new, untagged layer to a tagged group, it will be assigned the group’s color tag.
• Attempting to use the Color Fill or Gradient Fill tools on text or shape layers will now create an empty new layer and fill that instead of doing nothing at all.
• Added an Add Guide command to the View menu’s Guides submenu.
• Whenever possible, Pixelmator Pro will try to preserve the font face when changing font family.
• Improved compatibility with certain kinds of text layers in Photoshop documents.

• The orientation of masks in Portrait images exported from the Photos app would be incorrect. Fixed.
• Using the arrows in the Arrange tool, it was sometimes possible to resize layers to an invalid size. Fixed.
• Attempting to add effects to extremely tall and narrow layers would occasionally cause Pixelmator Pro to quit unexpectedly. Fixed.

Have any feedback about the update or Pixelmator Pro in general? We’d love to hear it at support@pixelmator.com!

13-2-2019 | Versie : 1.3 | Omvang : 161,7 MB
Pixelmator Pro 1.3 Prism introduces a range of handy new features that make creating advanced illustrations and designs easier than ever — layer color tags, filtering and search, clipping masks, quick opacity and blending controls, and much more.

New Features
• Easily color-code layers using handy color tags to make important objects easier to spot or bring some extra organization to advanced illustrations and designs
• With layer filtering and search, finding just the layers you’re looking for is simpler than ever.
• Filter layers according to layer type (images, text, shapes, and groups), color tags, or both.
• Quickly adjust layer opacity and blending mode right in the Layers sidebar.
• Use clipping masks to clip the contents of one layer to the outline of another — even layer groups or nested shapes!
• Add clipping masks from the shortcut menu in the Layers sidebar, by Option-clicking between two layers, or from the Format menu.
• Release a clipping mask by double-clicking the arrow in the Layers sidebar.
• When using the painting, retouching, or reshaping tools on a layer with Color Adjustments, Effects, or Styles, all nondestructive filters will dynamically update to the layer’s new content and won’t be flattened. This one’s big!

• It’s now possible to apply Color Adjustments to shape layers.
• When opening Photoshop documents with color tags, they will now be both opened and saved.
• Convert into Pixels is now a fully-fledged rasterize button and will rasterize any layer, including image layers with adjustments, effects, layer styles, and transformations.
• The Refine Selection command has been added to the Edit menu.
• When converting hidden layers into pixels, they will no longer be rasterized into empty layers.
• Double-clicking any shape — including Smart Shapes — will now make it editable.
• Exporting documents with layer styles in effects in Photoshop format has been much improved.

• Fixed several blur issues with converting certain kinds of layers (groups and shapes with effects) into pixels.
• Copying and pasting selected content would sometimes result in blurring. Fixed.
• On rare occasions, resizing the crop box while holding the Command key would blur the image or leave 1 pixel-wide lines at its edges. Fixed.
• Documents containing many layers with lots of nondestructive styles and effects would sometimes have unwanted vertical and horizontal artifacts. Fixed.
• The state of the Sample All Layers option would not be remembered when using the Color Fill and Magic Eraser tool. Fixed.
• Fixed an issue with using percentages to set grid spacing.
• Fixed an issue with using drag & drop to rearrange paths in shapes made up of only two paths.
• Several crash fixes improve the stability of Pixelmator Pro.

Have any feedback about the update or Pixelmator Pro in general? We'd love to hear it at support@pixelmator.com!


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