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Ora - Simple Task Management

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Intuitive project management and visual team collaboration, Ora is your team’s command center.

Ora empowers you to work stress-free and collaborate the way you want!
Choose an existing methodology or create your own.

Ora has everything your team needs to get work done! Task management, Scrum, Kanban, timeline, schedule, issues tracking, time-tracking, checklists, task relationships, automations, integrations, productivity shortcuts, reports on projects & team productivity.
Last but not least, according to our users this is THE MOST INTUITIVE and EASY TO USE project management software on the market.

(don’t believe me?) Let your grandma setup your first Ora project!

Power made simple.

Sprints, Epics & Backlog
Everything you need to run Scrum Sprints (Sprints Planning, Epics, Story Points, Business Value, Burndown Charts, Team’s Velocity) and more so you can be agile without being a certified PMP or a Scrum master (if you’re one you’d like it even better).

Ship early. Ship often.

Kanban board
Highly visual Kanban board that you can customize the way you want (themes, turn on/off features, list backgrounds, list sizes, dark mode, project backgrounds) so you can make it look (and work) the way you want while implementing the Kanban methodology like a boss.

More tasks. Less stress.

Timeline & Schedule
Plan your product releases, marketing campaigns, and work in general in a modern Gantt (Chart) View and Agenda, where you can see how much work each team member has so you can plan in time and manage your resources successfully.

Finish on time now — not next time.

Time-Tracking & Reporting
Time tracking in Ora is simple. You press the play button on a task when you start working on it (the timer starts) and press the stop button when the task is ready (the timer stops). Then you can see precisely how much each employee is working and on what task.

Transparency made simple.

List Actions & Automations
Automate everything in your project! (the only limit is your creativity)
Let Ora do the boring PM work for you so you can focus only on what’s important. With List Actions, you can automate chores like adding labels, assigning tasks, setting due dates, moving tasks, and more!

Less chores. More time.

Powerful Integrations
Ora also comes with powerful integrations like Zapier (connect over 1,500+ apps e.g., Google Drive, Dropbox, Intercom, and so on...), Advanced Git Integration (see commits and their diffs directly in your task), Slack (create tasks and receive Ora updates in #Slack) and more!

Leverage others. Leverage power.

Optimized for Productivity
Ora is the most intuitive project management solution that’ll change the way you see work. Create tasks with tasks with @assignee, [labels], screenshots (paste them directly from your clipboard with just CMD + V), and description in one iteration. Optimize your work with intuitive shortcuts (e.g. play/pause timer with “P”) and do everything the way you expect it to work.

Sign up now and stop feeling burned-out!
Be free. Start living. Now.

Project Management
Task Management
Scrum Support
Time Tracking
Project Views - multiple boards in one project
Kanban View
List view
Gantt View
Custom streamline processes
Multiple Selection
Task Relationships
Task Types
Agenda (My Tasks) - tasks from all your projects in one place
Highly customizable - you can turn features on/off to suit your needs
Dark mode, Night mode, Reading mode
Due dates
Git Integration - see commits and their diffs in the task description



29-2-2020 | Versie : 2.3.0 | Omvang : 73,4 MB
- 2FA
- No Signup for Observers or Visitors
- Duplicate Checklists

9-2-2020 | Versie : 2.2.0 | Omvang : 73,2 MB
We start the year strongly:
- Global Search - press F or / to open (or ? to see all hotkeys)
- Dark Mode 2.0 - new and improved, full app coverage
- Public API - finally!
Also new:
- Project top bar and multiple select bar improvements
- Reorder milestones + additional milestone stats
- Lots of bug fixes

3-7-2019 | Versie : 2.0.31 | Omvang : 73,3 MB
Bug fixes and improvements.


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