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€ 21,99

Create Booklet has been the most used Mac booklet solution for the last 10 years. Now it has become even better: It's insanely easy to use yet packed with features.
Want to create a booklet, a mini booklet or a book? It's all just a click away!
Never created a booklet before? No problem! It will guide you through the process, help setting up your printer and then it's a single click for your booklet! Nothing can go wrong.
Need all the bells and whistles? You have come to the right place, too! Design your own preset, generate custom impositions, scale, crop, anything…

The thing we care about most: Enjoy Create Booklet!

Create Booklet puts your pages side by side re-sorted for booklet printing, no matter what printer you have!
Create Booklet is the simplest solution to generate PDF booklets.

Customers love it

“OMG! This is about the best and most valuable utility I have found in a loooong time. Finally I can create and print booklets from within Quark XPress without having to pay a fortune for their Printcollection XTension. Thank you so much!!!” — Guido Henkel

“Wow. I wish this existed years ago, or that I'd known about it. [...]. Thank YOU.” — Mark

“THANK YOU for Create Booklet! I have used it several times now to print out playbills for my children's various school plays, and it has been an absolute lifesaver. […]” — William W. Lin

“[…] This Create booklet may just save my wedding :) […]” — Tim

“Create Booklet is simply amazing. Drop dead simple to use, and the results are perfect.” — Nate

Why Create Booklet?

A booklet is a beautiful thing to hold. It's the best way to hand out your own words and also a convenient way to read. With Create Booklet anything can be a booklet or a book, even a website. And it's as easy as 1-2-3.


Create Booklet 1 was already the easiest booklet app out there and now Create Booket 2 takes ease of use to the next level:
• 1-2-3 Introduction: Learn all the things you need to know for your first booklet.
• Presets: Simply choose what you need and print! A Booklet? A Mini Booklet? A Book? - It's just a click.
• Printer Setup: Makes a quick printing test with you, so that your first booklet will instantly work smoothly.
• Automatic Mini Help: If you want more, this introduces you to all features and pops up when things could go wrong.
• Online Help: Included documentation for the most common problems.
• Automatic Warning & Solution System: An interactive checklist, if Create Booklet thinks the result will not be perfect. With a solution button or link to our help.


Create Booklet 1 was already packed and now Create Booklet 2 goes even far far beyond that:
• Advanced Settings fine tune exactly what you need
• Custom Presets, tailor Create Booklet to your needs
• Booklet Factory for batch processing
• Custom Imposition to create mini booklets or print on large paper
• Need more? Just contact us.


• Mini/Micro Booklet and Book supported
• Accordion Cut supported
• Manual Duplex: You don't have a duplex printer? This is the right App for you!
• PDF service: Creates booklets from any App
• Direct PDF editing:
- Insert empty page
- Insert images
- Insert PDFs
- Reorder pages
- Remove pages
- Split pages
- Rotate pages
• Export to PDF
• Instant print
• On any paper
• Auto output paper size
• Choose used PDF boxes
• Scale pages, auto fit or fill – your choice
• Fine adjust position and scale
• Right to left documents
• Straight order for sheet music
• Auto-rotate landscape pages
• Add page numbers
• Split booklets
• Creep compensation!
• Staple markings
• Rasterize corrupted PDFs!
• Add PDF crop box
• Print cut marks
• Custom Impositions
• Preview cut guides
• Your Style: Light and Dark Mode with custom accents

Now you have time to tell your friends about it!

Twitter: @TheKeptPromise

€ 21,99


29-2-2020 | Versie : 2.2 | Omvang : 37,1 MB
Huge Update!!!

New Presets:
Stretch Booklet: New way of avoiding margins, by stretching the pages
Accordion Fold: Stick multiple pages together to create an accordion fold. Preset for normal and min, Advanced settings available for micro.
Mini Accordion Fold: Cut each paper once and stick multiple pages together to create an accordion fold. Preset for normal and min, Advanced settings available for micro.
16 Page Folded Micro Accordion Fold: Micro accordion fold that you can open horizontally to have 8 pages on the inside.

New Advanced Features:
• Reorder pages to make 1st page to end, automatic, loop any size even alternating.
• Imposition to accordion cut for standard accordion fold
• Imposition to accordion fold that first folds the paper vertically then does an accordion fold

So Create Booklet 2 does not create 8 more types of booklets over the standard booklet.

We thank our customers for their feedback!

13-2-2019 | Versie : 2.1.3 | Omvang : 36,4 MB
• Improved PDF Boxes handling


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