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Door Dov Frankel

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€ 21,99

A hand-crafted reader for DRM-free comics (CBR, CBZ, or PDF)

Comickaze provides a powerful interface for managing your digital comic library:

• Automatically figures out the info for your issues from their filenames
• Don't worry about where your files are located - let Comickaze arrange them for you. They're always a drag-and-drop away!
• Change info (such as Series or Publisher) for a single issue, or many at once
• Create Boxes to organize your collection into lists
• Choose the cover you like for issues with more than one

Have fun reading your comics with a customizable reader:

• Effortless page-turning via keyboard, mouse, and gestures
• Choose whether to view issues in 1- or 2-page spreads
• Go Full Screen to use your whole display
• Hide pages, such as ads (automatically hides some ads)
• Choose whether each issue reads left-to-right (western comics), or right-to-left (Manga)

€ 21,99


29-2-2020 | Versie : 1.2.8 | Omvang : 17,4 MB
• Added ability to import a directory of image files as a comic, using the Find Comics window — now fixed (Thanks, Mark!), and more…
• Some CBR files with corrupt headers can now be read anyway, whereas before they couldn't (Thanks to everyone who sent in files giving errors!)
• Fixed an issue that affected some strangely crafted comic files
• Misc. crash fixes

5-5-2019 | Versie : 1.2.6 | Omvang : 17,0 MB
Added support for WEBP images in comic files, and more, listed below!

New Features
• Added support for CBZ and CBR files that contain images in Google's WEBP format

• Presenting a better error message when attempting to load a password-protected PDF
• Showing a more helpful message when attempting to add unsupported types of Zip files

Bugs Fixed
• Fixed bug causing an incorrect error message to pop up when double-clicking a comic in Finder to open in Comickaze
• Fixed bug causing pages to show reverse direction for L<-R comics when first loaded (Thanks, David!)
• Fixed bug allowing Apply Patterns to be disabled by an unrelated preference (Thanks, James!)
• Reading an invalid comic from Finder (without adding to the library) shows an error message

13-2-2019 | Versie : 1.2.4 | Omvang : 16,8 MB
• Fixed bug causing some PDFs to show up as blank (Thanks, Isaac!)
• You can now dismiss the reader window with the Escape key (Thanks, Chris!)
• Made the "Next" or "Previous" buttons in Get Info work faster (Thanks, Isaac!)
• Added a preference to preserve capitalization as you type in the Get Info window (Thanks, AdmiralNaismith!)
• Updated the hint text on the Series column's link arrow in List View to make it clearer what it does
• Better handling of alias files when added to library
• Comic selection no longer jumps around after deleting a comic, or removing from a box (Thanks, Chris!)
• Fixed QuickLook plugin, so you can once more preview comics from Finder (Thanks to Marcelo and Bob!)
• Fixed bug sometimes causing unusual behavior when rearranging the comics in a box
• Updated shift-selection in the Grid View so it works the same as List View (and other places in macOS) — Select a comic, then shift click another to select all of the ones in between (Thanks, Marcelo!)
• Fixed some crashing bugs
• Fixed bug causing unpredictable behavior when exiting full screen mode (Thanks, Nassim!)

As always, you can view the complete Comickaze change history on the Abbey Code site:

Screenshots Mac OSX :

Screenshots Mac OSX Screenshots Mac OSX Screenshots Mac OSX Screenshots Mac OSX Screenshots Mac OSX


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