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€ 36,99

XML Edita

Door CoxOne (CoxOne SPRL)
Ondersteunde apparaten : Mac OS


2-5-2017 | Versie : 1.1.2 | Omvang : 3,8 MB
- Create a new document from a custom template.
- Improve document browser.
- Various bug fixes.

26-2-2017 | Versie : 1.1.1 | Omvang : 3,6 MB
- Adding XPath search.
- Improving look and feel.
- Fixing XSL transformation crashes.

11-1-2017 | Versie : 1.1.0 | Omvang : 3,4 MB
- Added code folding.
- Added XML generation using XSD files.
- Fixed a few other crashes.


** Launch discount: 25% OFF **
You have finally found the only XML editor for Mac that will fill all your XML editing needs! XML editing can be painstaking work, but XML Edita is here to simplify all of that saving you time and energy while greatly reducing the risk of errors.

Gone are the days when you needed multiple applications to create, edit, transform, validate and organize your XML files. XML Edita does it all in an easy to use graphic interface. Most other tools are not native MacOS tools and will cost you hundreds of dollars more to get the functionalities included in XML Edita.

- XML Schema composition tool.
- Code completion.
- Syntax highlighting.
- Automatic indentation.
- Document formatting (pretty-print).
- XML Document validation.
- XML Document transformation.
- XML Generation from XSD.
- Code folding.
- XPath expression evaluator.


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#39 : Top opgebrachte Mac Apps [Ontwikkelaarstools]
#125 : Top betaalde Mac Apps [Ontwikkelaarstools]

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