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WinZip - Zip, unzip, protect

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Door WinZip Computing LLC

Experience the power of WinZip®–on your Mac! Access key features more easily, zip and protect with confidence, and seamlessly connect to cloud services with WinZip Mac 5.

• Zip and unzip files instantly with WinZip’s trusted compression
• Protect files with strong AES encryption
• Share directly to Dropbox and Google Drive
• Share directly to iCloud Drive, Dropbox, Google Drive and ZipShare, from within WinZip
• Successfully email large files and minimize storage needs

Main Features:

• Zip and unzip files instantly using simple, drag-and-drop tools
• Reduce file size for faster sharing and smaller storage
• Open major compressed file formats (Zip, Zipx, RAR, LHA, 7Z, JAR, WAR)
• Resize images any time you create an zip, and get two new resize options

• Password-protect confidential files and apply powerful AES encryption
• Re-use your password when additional encrypted files are added to a Zip
• Prevent unauthorized access of email attachments
• Encrypt individual files within a zipped folder
• Easily view and double-check your password with new Show Password

Package and Share
• Zip and encrypt Mac files to create smaller, safer email attachments
• Organize and compress files into small, logical groups that are ideal for sharing
• Zip files and folders for faster uploading/downloading times
• Easily share to Facebook, Twitter and other apps

Connect to your Clouds
• Connect to iCloud Drive, Dropbox, Google Drive and ZipShare right from WinZip
• Easily zip and upload large files, or open zip files saved in the cloud
• Use Cloud Links to upload a file to your cloud service and quickly send a link to it via email
• Automatically get a link to paste into Skype or other apps when you upload your zip file to a cloud service
• Maximize cloud storage space by compressing files


1-12-2017 | Versie : 6.1.3676 | Omvang : 14,7 MB
Support latest OS X 10.13

22-9-2017 | Versie : 6.0.3578 | Omvang : 14,7 MB
Thanks to a variety of new features including the Files pane, WinZip Mac 6 boosts productivity by enabling you to manage your files, zip and unzip, and add powerful AES encryption, all through a single, unified file-sharing environment.

• New! Files pane for file management and sharing: Be more productive with the new file management features in WinZip Mac 6. Use the new Files pane to browse, select, zip, and unzip your local, network, or cloud files easily without having to move between Finder and browsers to hunt through folders or multiple cloud services. Delete and rename files in the cloud and between accounts and drives. Use the new File pane context menu to get info about a file, do a Quick Look, see Package Contents for Mac application files, and much more. Protect your privacy by encrypting files before they are saved to your Mac, uploaded to the cloud, or shared via email.

• Enhanced! Unzip from more file types: WinZip Mac 6 makes it easy to unzip more compressed file types including: gzip files (.gz, .tgz), Unix tar files (.tar), Unix compressed files (.z, .tz, .taz), LZMA2 compressed files (.xz, .txz), BZip files (.bz, .bz2. .tbz, .tbz2), and Virtual Disk files (vdisk).

• Enhanced! Zipx File Compression: With new LZMA2 support, WinZip Mac 6 can deliver smaller compressed file sizes, especially when zipping files that have some amount of compression already, such as Microsoft Office files.

• ENHANCED! MP3 Compression: Keep more music on your phone or on a cloud service, or share playlists more easily. WinZip now compresses your MP3 files by 15 - 20% on average with no loss in quality, thanks to the enhanced Zipx format.

20-7-2016 | Versie : 5.0.3188 | Omvang : 12,6 MB
1. Access key features more easily.
2. Share links to files in the cloud.
3. Encrypt files and/or resize images in a Zip file without having to unzip/zip it again, and more.


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#68 : Top opgebrachte Mac Apps [Diensten]
#103 : Top betaalde Mac Apps [Diensten]

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Productiviteit , Diensten

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Commentaar en waardering voor WinZip - Zip, unzip, protect

Not trusting this WinZip anymore (4.0.2604)
26-9-2015 19:39:00 1/5 Door Riotriotriotriot
Deleting this since they messed up royally on iOS with the XcodeGhost trojan, how on earth can I ever trust anything WinZip related? 'User security, nobody cares…' attitude means bye, bye to you.

Een mooie (maar te dure) bestandcompressor! (3.1)
16-11-2014 20:07:00 5/5 Door Autistische Rimboeloper
Om op save te spelen heb ik “WinZip for Mac” voor ruim vijfentwintig euro in de Applestore gekocht. Mede omdat dit programma zijn sporen al verdiend heeft in de Windows-wereld. Wat de functionaliteit betreft: Het programma doet wat hij moet doen en kan complexe uit meer documenten bestaande files eenvoudig zippen en on-zippen waarbij ook nog eens het bestandvolume afneemt! Het enige minpuntje is de prijs, die ligt ruim een factor drie hoger dan de Windows-versie. Ik denk zelfs dat er in de Applestore gelijkwaardige Apps zijn, die goedkoper en misschien zelfs beter zijn. Maar omdat ik niet van experimenteren en testen houd, ben ik gelijk voor de peperdure “WinZip for Mac” gegaan omdat je dan zeker weet dat je geen miskoop doet.

the zip file is the same size as the original ! (2.0)
5-10-2013 20:37:00 1/5 Door kat0633
This seems to be a waste of money. I zipped a file and it was still the same size as before. No help or explanation. Think I'm being ripped off !! Or did I miss something ???

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