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Door George Sargunaraj C

**Limited time offer - Grab it Now**

WeatherDesk is a simple and beautiful desktop app to show real time weather updates for the current location.Weather app is designed to ensure that it looks stunning with your desktop wallpaper.

*** WeatherDesk is a handy must try weather app for a price of coffee, and we are sure, you wont regret it. We are happy to hear from you. Let the world know what is good and let us know what is bad in the app. :) ***

On your desktop
Weather app is placed on the desktop but behind all your active windows so that it is unobtrusive and at the same time visible easily.

Realtime weather Updates
Weather app ensures that you get the latest and real time weather updates from you nearest weather station in the most simplest format.

Your choice of Units
Weather presents the details in both Celsius and Fahrenheit standards. You can just select the unit of your preference and weather does the rest for you.

Launch on Start
You can configure the Weather app to launch on start so that the app launched automatically on your start up and makes the weather information loaded.

Matches with any wallpaper
Weather app is designed to ensure that it looks stunning with any wallpaper that you might have on your desktop..

Anywhere on your desktop
Different users have different desktop preferences and hence we have provided the option to locate the Weather app anywhere on the desktop.


27-2-2017 | Versie : 1.3 | Omvang : 31,1 MB
-Minor Bug Fixes.
-Fixed bugs related to app position lock.
-Improvements in User Interface.

31-1-2017 | Versie : 1.2 | Omvang : 31,1 MB
-Resolved issues during in App Purchase.
-Minor bug fixes.

19-1-2017 | Versie : 1.1 | Omvang : 31,1 MB
- Updated app intro screens and flow.
- Optmized live themes for better looping.
- Fixed issues during in app purchases.
- Fixed minor bugs.

Screenshots Mac OSX :

Screenshots Mac OSX Screenshots Mac OSX Screenshots Mac OSX Screenshots Mac OSX Screenshots Mac OSX


Reizen , Het weer

Ondersteunde apparaten : Mac OS

Commentaar en waardering voor WeatherDesk

Great simple app (1.1)
24-1-2017 3:05:00 4/5 Door Rubenovski
Simple, beatiful app.

in-app purchase (1.1)
22-1-2017 6:31:00 3/5 Door MacBigfoot
I bought the in-app option to replace the app position. After the update to 1.1 the in-app purchase won’t restore. Another option is to review this app to get the app unlocked. So maybe, …?

leuke app (1.0)
23-12-2016 7:15:00 5/5 Door Hans van der ploeg
leuke app met gave achtergrond

leuk (1.0)
23-12-2016 3:57:00 4/5 Door Hans.htkmp
Leuke app

Good app (1.0)
13-10-2016 19:13:00 2/5 Door Gggggggwp
Good app, only thing I hate is in-app purchases for something ridiculous as moving the app! I allready paid let me use the program instead of adding this ridiculous options

Neat and clean little desktop weather app. (1.0)
15-9-2016 7:04:00 4/5 Door Ot!
In my previous review I had it wrong. I’ll post that below. The app does work fine. The icon in the menu bar is a static icon (of an umbrella) that doesn’t give the weather info. The weather info is only displayed in the weather box on the desktop. Location works just fine. The weather info is accurate. It’s a neat and clean little weather app for on the desktop. If your menu bar is crowded and cluttered (like mine is, even though I use Bartender) then this app might be useful for you. My previous and inaccurate review: "App doesn’t find my location. Not automatically nor manually. Nothing happens when I enter my location manually in the search bar. It's bright and shining outside over here right now. Not a cloud in the sky. Yet I see an umbrella in the menu bar. The app itself seems all right though. Simple and clean. The way I like it. But I can’t rate anything else but 1 star till it gets fixed. Cause it’s pretty useless right now."

From this dev.


Prijs : € 19,99
Platform : Mac OS
Door George Sargunaraj C

Prijs : € 16,99
Platform : Mac OS
Door George Sargunaraj C

Prijs : € 9,99
Platform : Mac OS
Door George Sargunaraj C

Prijs : € 10,99
Platform : Mac OS
Door George Sargunaraj C
Declutter Pro -Keep Your Desktop Clean & Organised
Declutter Pro -Keep Your Desktop Clean & Organised

Prijs : Gratis
Platform : Mac OS
Door George Sargunaraj C

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