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Door Creative Pudding Hungary Llc. (Creative Pudding Hungary Llc)

Revhead is a car racing simulation game, where you have to build your own race car.
You have a friend Charlie, who is busy with building race cars. He would need some help from you and he invites you to Australia. You start your journey somewhere in a small village in Australia, where the only way to get recognised if you are able to build the fastest and the best racing car around. You have Charlie, his expertise and his garage. The rest is up to you!

Key Features
• 10 Cars with more than 500 components
• Real time Dirt and Rust
• Paint your body, add Stripes, Wash or Repaint your car to any colour you mix
• Component based modular vehicle physics
• Build your own car and turn your garage into a Racing workshop
• 5 Tracks with unique locations in the desert, forest and outside the town. Race on course, oval circuit, drag track or in the Outback
• Find and Challenge others on the streets
• Multiple Race Modes: Time Trial, Racing or Challenge 1 vs 1
• Buy, Sell, Win and Rebuild Cars
• Be a Mechanic or Racer or Dealer

You have to think as a real Revhead! You can buy or sell cars and components, fix and tweak your car to make it the fastest around. However, a good race car is not always about the fastest or strongest, but the one which matches with its driver. Set your car the way it fits for your driving skills and racing conditions.

Revhead is about to build and race with your dream car and while all of your racing skills will be required to beat others on a track, you also have to master mechanical skills to be able to fix, maintain or re-build your car.
A real car is built up from thousands of components. Each connected to each-others and they are working together as a car. In this game, every car is built up from dozens of individual components, connected to each-other the same way as in reality. Each component can be removed, replaced and swapped between other cars. This way, you can not only customise your paint work and outlook but the handling and performance of the car as well.

Understand your car!

Watch your car when driving, how is it handling, how smoky is it or what noise coming from the hood. All these can help you to identify the real problem.
You need a 4x4 but you don’t have the budget? Buy a wreck cheap car and transfer it to a 4x4 supercharged racing beast, using wrecked cars and used components from the newspaper.
Your engine is strong, but your car doesn't reach the speed you need? Make sure your gears and differential also matching with your goals!

Racing and what is behind it

In the reality, racing is about 80% mechanical work, 19% testing and 1% racing. In this game, we try to get closer to this, while we still wanted to keep the fun. If you like cars, if you do understand that a car is not only about 4 wheels, 1 motor and a steering wheel, if you don’t afraid of mistakes, if you dare to challenge others, even when you are with your most loved car, then Welcome in Noordu, the land of Revheads!


23-12-2017 | Versie : 1.2.3871 | Omvang : 854,6 MB
This update focuses on visuality and includes several features and fixes. We have updated our game engine and made several significant changes which are together made a huge difference in the game.

Another very important feature we have added is day-cycle, which now makes the game a lot more visually appealing as well as more interesting.
Thanks to the 24h day-cycle, you can now race from dawn till dusk and from sunny day to pitch dark at night.

We also introducing opening times! Shops are only open between their opening times. Each shop is a bit different so you might find a shop closed while another one is still open! Check the open signs in front of the shops to know when is it worth to visit!

These changes increased the game fun factor so much, that we cannot resist to increase the version number to 1.2

List of changes:
• Updated visuals
• Dynamic reflections probes, deferred rendering, better shaders
• 24h day-cycle with time of day
• Garage includes a working clock on the wall to see current time. (more options will come soon)
• Introducing shop's opening times
• Engines got an optimal flow (CFM) values.
• Carburettor now uses real values such as barrels and flows in CFM. Try to keep them close to the engine's optimal flow for the best performance. (too much CFM or too less will reduce the performance)
• Introducing single and twin barrels carburetors​
• Tweak head and tail lights for night driving and damaging.
• Slightly reduced default steering sensitivity (only if you start a new profile)
• Introducing new racing magnesium rim (expensive, but light)
• Fixed several job's where Charlie was not able to accept a properly done work.
• Performance update. While the FPS won't go much higher, the driving and handling will be smoother thanks to some optimisation.
• Removed the green outline in garage
• HP calculation slightly changed to provide more accurate values

Have Fun and don't forget to keep your headlights in good shape or you are going to have trouble on some tracks!


24-11-2017 | Versie : 1.1.3751 | Omvang : 738,3 MB
In this update introducing new UTE (pickup) versions for Buthanbang, Walea and Wanja. All 3 are very useful cars because of their big payload capacity. Their weight is much lower -compared to the normal chassis version- and their weight distribution is also different. They got fancy hard and soft tops to customize their look and some hard tops are coming with integrated wing to get a bit of extra downforce.
The number of localized languages has been increased with a new one, the Romanian (thanks to Sebastian George Doltu for the translation).

So here is a more detailed list what changed in this release:
• improved physics for engine power, tire
• improved auto-shifter logic
• 3 new cars (UTE versions)
• new car parts for UTE cars (hard/soft top)
• many localization fixes (thanks to the translators!)

Have Fun!

20-10-2017 | Versie : 1.1.3585 | Omvang : 727,9 MB
This time we were focusing on these major issues:

Car physics and control
We improved many parts of our physics, which resulted much better car handling, drifting and many more. Since some of you had issues with setting up the controller or playing the game via keyboard, we decided to implement a new controller logic and we have changed the way of setting your controller. We tweaked all controllers from pedals to the steering wheel.
We removed the Use Wheel option and added a new one:

Steering GAMMA
It allows the user to change the dynamics and characteristics of the steering and making it possible to set all kind of controllers or driving style. Lower gamma values means less responsive or less aggressive steering, while higher values means more dynamics when steering.

Finally, we have our localization tools, text, workflow ready and thanks to many volunteers translators, this version support 5 new languages:
Hungarian, Turkish, Danish, Ukrainian, Czech

Please help us to find and fix localization issues! If you see any, let us known so we can fix it asap!

Game balance
We have been monitoring our player's wishes, problems and in-game behaviours since the first beta version and we are continuously trying to make the game better and better. In this version we have tweaked and changed several parts of the game to make the game flow better.

Starting of the game changed (only when new profile started) and instead of pick any car to start with, Charlie will give you one in a decent shape ready to race. We would like to avoid to start with a wrong choice and make it hard to get a good driving feeling in time.

We also worked on the unlocking system and make more use of the skills. Revheads no longer can be challenged (new profile only) until you reach Pro skills.
Prices of some parts like engines or tuning parts are increased and tuning parts are no longer part of the newspaper's extra section. Use the shop to buy some cool tuning.

Race is important part of the game, so we added 20+ more :)
Also new tuning parts, more differentials and gearboxes​ are available in the shop!

So here is a more detailed list what changed in this release:
• minimum resolution set to 1024x768
• 5 new languages (Turkish, Czech, Danish, Ukrainian, Hungarian)
• completely reworked tire physics and steering
• removed Use Wheel option from Controller page
• reworked controls with gamma for adjustable response
• 23 additional race events, some of them with skill limitations including revhead only!
• rebalanced race unlock system
• all Euroa tuning parts are now available in shops only
• new tune parts in shops
• additional information for gearboxes with gear ratios
• faster ai with better driving behaviour and much quicker launch by race start
• improved UI (race unlock notifications, option slider values shown)
• new detailed carburetor 3d
• improved physics on different objects, fences etc..
• supercharger sound updated to change its pitch on rpm change
• new 'Reset to defaults' feature in controls
• improved differential box code
• car follow cams tweaked for better view angle and movement
• roadsign collision time freeze bug fixed
• Charlie clean up the mess after the race: obstacles (tractor tires/traffic cones etc...) on BackYard are repositioned for every race or race-restarts
• updated tire model, with burnout effect, better pressure calculation and wear factors and many more tire related fixes
• steering ackerman recalculated to match perfectly with each car (same brand)
• improved engine RPM calculation
• new bonus startup car from Charlie to be able to start racing immediately and make the start easier
• added value indicators to controller page slider's for better tweaking
• various small fixes and improvements


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