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Microsoft Remote Desktop

Door Microsoft Corporation
Ondersteunde apparaten : Mac OS


22-5-2017 | Versie : 8.0.39 | Omvang : 14,2 MB
We've fixed the following in this release:
· We added a light outline to the mouse cursor to make it more visible in apps with a dark theme (such as Visual Studio).
· We fixed an issue where the pipe symbol (|) wasn't correctly decoded from the URI.
· We fixed a redirection issue with folders that have accents in the name.

13-3-2017 | Versie : 8.0.38 | Omvang : 14,2 MB
- The list of new resolutions wasn't showing up when you upgraded from version 8.0.36.
- Adobe applications were crashing when you tried to use them as RemoteApps.
- Black borders showed up when you used Office applications as RemoteApps on Windows Server 2016.

Want to see a list of the latest changes? Click Help > What's new. (We don't show the changes at upgrade anymore.)

17-1-2017 | Versie : 8.0.37 | Omvang : 14,2 MB
We have made the following updates:
•Security enhancement: When you connect to desktops and apps that redirect local resources to the remote session, you need to grant permission for Remote Desktop to access those resources.
•Connections established from an RDP file or URI scheme are now automatically imported into the Connection Center
•New menu icons
•More default resolutions available based on user feedback
•Fixed an issue with the URI schema where pipes (|) were not parsed correctly


With the Microsoft Remote Desktop app, you can connect to a remote PC and your work resources from almost anywhere. Experience the power of Windows with RemoteFX in a Remote Desktop client designed to help you get your work done wherever you are.

Getting Started
Configure your PC for remote access first. Download the RDP assistant to your PC and let it do the work for you:
Learn more about remote desktop apps here:

•Access to remote resources through the Remote Desktop Gateway
•Secure connection to your data and applications with breakthrough Network Layer Authentication (NLA) technology
•Simple management of all remote connections from the connection center
•High quality video and sound streaming with improved compression and bandwidth usage
•Easy connection to multiple monitors or projectors for presentations
•Print from Windows applications to any printer configured on your Mac
•Access local files on your Mac from your Windows applications
•Support for Azure RemoteApp

We're improving our app - learn more!


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Commentaar en waardering voor Microsoft Remote Desktop

not even proper keyboard mapping in 2017 srsly (8.0.37)
23-2-2017 4:42:00 2/5 Door ibisiki

Instabiele verbinding (8.0.37)
13-2-2017 13:45:00 2/5 Door Revittekenaar
Helaas heb ik veel last van wegvallende verbindingen. Het lijkt erop dat vooral scrollen ervoor zorgt dat de verbinding bevriest. Er wordt dan een zwart venster getoond met de tekst „Connection to the remote PC was lost. We’re trying to connect again”. Helaas lukt dit maar zelden. Vrijwel altijd is het nodig om eerst de VPN-verbinding te verbreken en opnieuw op te zetten. Daarna maakt hij weer vlot verbinding. Dat riedeltje moet ik helaas zo'n 5 tot 10 keer op een avond herhalen. Je kunt je voorstellen dat ik daardoor flink gefrustreerd raak!

Folder redirection causes server to reboot (8.0.37)
18-1-2017 15:12:00 2/5 Door martinvandiemen
- It does what is says but sending anonymous data to Microsoft by default? - When having folder redirection enabled with a (SMB) volume selected the server reboot as soon as you login, very strange; - Horizontal scrolling does not work via RDP; - New icons aren’t retina ready and are ugly IMHO; - UI and App icon could be improved so it would look more like a native app (Office 2016 looks much better on macOS);

Update please! (8.0.36)
12-12-2016 15:24:00 2/5 Door H&3K
After the update the app crashes; connection lost or the screen freezes… The iPad-app is running without problems, only the Mac-App causes these problems.

alternate full address (8.0.36)
9-11-2016 7:02:00 4/5 Door Leonk1980
Good app, but the custom rdp property alternate full address is being ignored by this rdp app, while in the windows version the alternate full address overrules the full address property

Full screen (8.0.35.)
30-10-2016 11:58:00 3/5 Door Derek van der Meer
Please fix the full screen mode, the app doesn’t saved it.

Please fix the annoying full screen bug (8.0.35.)
26-10-2016 18:56:00 3/5 Door Co-ords
For quite some time now this app has not saved the native full screen setting for RDP sessions. Please fix this annoying bug. Besides this issue, the app works as expected and has very good performance.

Waardeloos (8.0.34)
13-10-2016 9:45:00 1/5 Door ELBEEJ
Als ik via de app probeer in te loggen gaat dat uitstekend en snel. Maar zodra ik vervolgens een willekeurige knop aanklik, sluit de hele app in een keer direct af. Met andere woorden, ik kan nu helemaal niets doen in deze app. Totaal waardeloos dus.

Multi-monitor support leaves room for improvement (8.0.34)
7-10-2016 13:31:00 3/5 Door mthmulders
It’s good to see this client supports connecting over a Remote Desktop Gateway. However, I’d love to see proper multi-monitor support implemented as well. Right now, the host I’m connecting to detects all three monitors I have, but only one of them shows the remote machine. The other two remain black. It would be great if that could properly work!

Frustrerend! (8.0.34)
29-9-2016 12:39:00 2/5 Door STaBBIE
De App onthoud de instellingen van de ‘Full screen mode’ niet meer.. Dit moet ik nu per sessie elke keer opnieuw instellen… 😤 Wanneer dit gefixt is gaan we weer naar 4 sterren…

Pretty bad (8.0.33)
28-8-2016 13:11:00 1/5 Door Rick4F
As per usual, a standard Microsoft product. You are faster booting into bootcamp with less headaches then using this. Try it yourself if you don’t believe me, I’m done wasting my time with it.

Spinning wheel after having 2 simultaneous RDP sessions open (8.0.30)
19-4-2016 18:14:00 3/5 Door RKriekaard
I use the Microsoft Remote Desktop application on a daily basis on my MAC running 10.11.4 As of this version, I regularly have the spinning wheel (or Spinning Beach Ball of Death) when running 2 simultaneous RDP sessions. The application cannot be stopped, resulting in a forced restart of my Macbook. I hope this issue gets resolved real quickly, as I need the app for my work.

Please fix the fullscreen function (8.0.29)
7-4-2016 20:03:00 1/5 Door DouweSCH
Since a couple of versions, fullscreen RDP sessions are almost unusable because of the wrong alignment. Please fix asap.

Okay app to connect to Windows machines (8.0.29)
4-4-2016 9:05:00 3/5 Door l-rs
The installation could be better - without fail the shortcut to the application in the Dock is severed with each update. But when it works it’s perfectly adequate.

No proper full screen scaling (8.0.29)
1-4-2016 11:38:00 2/5 Door Roderik E
I am using the RDP client on a regular basis to administer my Windows computer from my Macbook. What is really annoying is that when using it in full screen mode and using scaling it scales slightly too large and the top are of the desktop is missing (just about 10 pixels), especially this part of the screen is annoying since I am not able to minimize maximized screens with the mouse, when reaching the top, the app bar appaers and covers the buttons from the app on the remote machine. It would be nice if it can scale the full desktop and stay within the boundaries of the maximized RDP client. Entering a username with @ in it is also unclear to me how that should be done. For the rest, quality of the picture and update frequency is quite okay. I hope the cut off can be fixed, then the app would be perfect for me.

last update the screen does not fit in fullscreen (8.0.28)
28-3-2016 22:10:00 2/5 Door Anielk
After the last update the screen does not fit. I need to do the cmd 1 twice to get matching fullscreen. please fix this.

Connection problems (8.0.28)
25-3-2016 12:31:00 2/5 Door DSi69
After the update, connection to rdp host is not possible anymore. It disconnects almost immediately after a split of a second and tries to reconnect a few times. No settings were changed.

Do not update! (8.0.28)
25-3-2016 12:05:00 1/5 Door Bouke2000
Since the last update the application does nog scale correctly anymore, which makes ik impossible to close Windows. But even worse is most login attempts end in an error message “Failed login”.

Scaling (8.0.28)
24-3-2016 21:35:00 2/5 Door Flyte8
The latest version has scaling problems, there is a black bar underneath and on top its cut off. If you go out of fullscreen and go back to fullscreen this is resolved. Had a couple of customers experiencing the problem.

Connects directly even without saved credentials! (8.0.28)
19-3-2016 12:34:00 1/5 Door Syl en Ger
After a first connection, the app allows connecting oven and over again without asking credentials when the credentials are not saved in the app! This wasn’t the case with previous version

Reconnect! (8.0.28)
18-3-2016 12:34:00 4/5 Door Eяik
Automatic reconnections, yes finally!! Work great, thanks!

Grouping Connections (8.0.27)
17-3-2016 8:21:00 4/5 Door pvandorp
I like the application, but I would like to have the ability to group connections together. That way I can get a better overview of relevant connections per use case. In addition to that I would like support for SSH as well. I realize that this might be a bit harder than grouping the connections.

Does not work with ECC keys (8.0.26)
10-3-2016 11:57:00 3/5 Door Dyonisius Visser
For anyone out there that uses an ECC (Ellyptic Curve Cryptography) based certicate to secure RDP, that won’t work with this client. You will receive a “The login failed” message - this was on Windows Server 2008R2, and 8.0.26/El Capitan 10.11.3. I eventally got it to work by creating an RSA based certificate. This is a 4K key, and a SHA512 signature. ECC works from Windows to Windows.

Very useful (8.0.26)
16-1-2016 15:24:00 4/5 Door RolandSellis
I love this app to control the various servers and computers. The reason for giving 4 instead of 5 stars is I miss the opportunity to create several categories. Now there is just 1 (My Desktops), I like to have more.

Werkt goed !! (8.0.25)
12-1-2016 14:48:00 4/5 Door Bas Gendt
Heb deze app enige maanden in gebruik in combinatie met Server 2008, Server 2012, Windows 7, 8 en 10 en Small Business server 2011. Enige bug is dat het toetsenbord steeds op de verkeerde taal springt bij het inloggen. Dit zorgt ervoor dat de @ en “ omgewisseld zijn, nogal lastig met wachtwoorden :).

Start niet op (0)
19-11-2015 21:23:00 1/5 Door FaimMedia
App sluit direct af bij het openen, ongeveer 1 seconden zichtbaar

Not worthy (0)
14-11-2015 19:56:00 1/5 Door Dyson.
It used to be good but every update gets worse and worse. Socket problem all over the place. It should be subtracted from the store due to quality problems!

traaaag, slow! (0)
28-10-2015 15:10:00 1/5 Door JAjoor
8.0.23 is een dramatisch langzame versie geworden in vergelijking met de relatieve ok versie 8.0.22

Goed, maar (0)
13-10-2015 21:43:00 4/5 Door NDThien
Bij het verbinding maken met een server wordt er iedere keer gevraagd om de certificaat te accepteren. Is er geen optie om deze voor altijd te accepteren?

Aanmaken rdp lukt niet (0)
2-10-2015 17:19:00 1/5 Door Peter van Baarle
Kan aan mij liggen, maar ik mis een close of save button. Ik probeer een nieuwe RDP sessie aan te maken. Ik kan alles invullen, maar er is nergens een save button te vinden. Als ik het window afsluit, dan is de sessie niet toegevoegd. Een bestaand RDP bestand openen werkt wel, maar ik kan er dus geen aanmaken. Op deze manier is het dus vrij nutteloos :-(

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