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Hider 2: Encrypt and Hide

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Door MacPaw Inc.

Put out of sight your confidential information from third parties or other unwanted eyes. Encrypt, hide and password protect your data with Hider 2! Redesigned for and completely compatible with OS X Yosemite!

“...if you don't want to mess with encrypting and hiding files on your own, Hider 2 is one of the easiest options.” - Lifehacker

“There’s no denying that Hider’s simplicity makes the process of hiding and encrypting files pleasantly easy.” - Macstories

“It’s a great little tool for anyone looking for a digital hidey-hole, and the encryption is a nice bonus.” - Macworld

The Mac Observers Editors' Choice Award 2014.

Instantly encrypt and hide any file or folder by dragging them to Hider 2 — it’s that simple! Our user-friendly application makes sure all of your personal files and folders will be encrypted, hidden and protected by password.

It’s incredibly secure.
• Each file you hide is AES-256 encrypted.
• Keeps your data locked up and password protected.
• Hide data on an external drive for an extra layer of security.

Stay organized.
• Create custom file groups to keep your data categorized.
• Finder tags are imported into the app to make organization simple.
• Hide and encrypt entire folders instead of selecting tons of individual files.
• Write down confidential data into an encrypted, in-app Secure Note.

Accessible to you (and only you).
• Your files will be hidden from Finder or Spotlight.
• Access recently hidden items directly from your menu bar.
• Do a full app search among all your hidden files within the app.
• Instantly lock the app or hide of all your files with global shortcut keys.

Download Hider 2 now and never again worry about your private data going public.


1-12-2017 | Versie : 2.4.1 | Omvang : 6,8 MB
– Introduced macOS High Sierra compatibility.
– Stability improvements.

22-9-2017 | Versie : 2.4 | Omvang : 6,0 MB
– Improved stability

13-10-2015 | Versie : 2.3 | Omvang : 5,2 MB
- Optimized for OS X El Capitan


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Commentaar en waardering voor Hider 2: Encrypt and Hide

safe and simple (2.3)
13-12-2016 6:01:00 5/5 Door gwdewit
The vault is easy to use. Drag in files that you want to hide and lock the vault. If you want to open the files you must unlock the vault with a password and unhide the file you want to see. The password is of course a critical thing, you must remember the password, but it can be added to your key chain. We had a problem with unhiding the information once, the vault opened with the correct password, but the files could not be opened. This happened after an update of the OSX or Hider itself, dont remember. MacPaw team was very very helpful in solving this problem, so we can only compliment them on that. Remember that files in the vault may still be accessible in your Time Capsule if the time machine made copies of your files before putting them into the vault.

Bigger thumbnails? (2.3)
22-7-2016 22:58:00 4/5 Door pokela
I like this program. I only have a few critical remarks and a wish. To start with the last: it would be nice if the user could set the size of the thumbnails in Hider. As it is now the thumbnails are really small and therefor it is hard to really see the photo or video they represent. Critical remarks: 1) when the program encounters an error, that is logged in to a log, including the name of the file that caused the error. So much for privacy! 2) same situation as 1): the file that caused the error is not anymore in its original location, but remains available unencrypted in a folder used by Hider 2 (without alerting the user to this fact). Again bad for privacy. 3) when the encryption succeeds, the filenames are really encrypted in Hiders vault. But this encryption could be better: the encrypted filenames still have extensions and these extension names are not very far away from the original extensions of the files. It woul be better if the encrypted files don't have extensions at all, so they reallyb give nothing away.

Handig programma, maar …. (2.3)
25-1-2016 21:12:00 2/5 Door Roy Schouten
Ik heb dit programma gekocht na het lezen van een hoop positiefe reviews maar ik ben er achter gekomen (denk ik) dat niet alle bestanden veilig staan en ook zonder wachtwoord te openen zijn zelfs terwijl ze zijn verborgen en beveiligd met het programma. Als je gebruik maakt van Word zoals ik kun je na het openen van het Word linksbovenin je balk kiezen om een bestand te openen en op die manier kun je dus jezelf toegangs verschaffen tot de beveiligde Word, Powerpoint etc bestanden zelfs zonder je wachtwoord in te vullen. Ik hoop dat dit snel wordt opgelost. Voor de mensen die dit niet als probleem zien is dit een zeer handig en mooi afgwerkt programma. Ik geef het dankzij het door mij ondervonden probleem daarom maar 2 sterren.

Data corruption! (2.3)
24-12-2015 15:44:00 1/5 Door Mll7
Don’t trust this program, do some investigation and you will find lots of people who lost their data. I am one of them, and their support doesn’t care!

great app (0)
6-11-2015 14:27:00 4/5 Door Roy-NV
Realy great app to protect your files and photo’s. Easy to operate. Sometimes you need patience becaus the apps crashes.

Super, easy and flawless! (0)
1-6-2015 0:47:00 5/5 Door dsmjazz
Hider 2 is a very user-friendly application with a very nice user-interface. I have not experienced any problems with it and find it a very handy and simple application to hide & encrypt sensitive files. 5 stars!!

Youri Bultot (2.1.2)
16-10-2014 15:04:00 4/5 Door bultot
This applecation is a great device for hiding file’s and it works really friendly. The only bad side is if you upload to much file’s at once. if you do it wil crash

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