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Encrypto: Secure Your Files

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Door MacPaw Inc.

Encrypto is a free, easy-to-use app that lets you encrypt files with AES-256 encryption and then send them to friends or coworkers. It works on both Mac and Windows, so you can send encrypted files without worrying whether the other person can open it or not.

Protect Files with AES-256 Encryption
Take any file or folder and add AES-256 encryption to it. Let Encrypto give you peace of mind when it comes to the security of your files when sending them.

Send Password Hints
Instead of relaying a password, include a unique, embedded password hint that only the recipient would be able to decipher.

Send Files Using OS X Sharing
Share encrypted files via Mail, AirDrop, or Messages, or even share them with third-party apps like Dropbox. However you usually share, Encrypto has you covered.

Or Save Them to Disk
With Encrypto, you can encrypt your files even if you don’t need to send them. You know, for file security on your hard drive. Just put your file through Encrypto and boom — it’s protected.

Encrypt and Decrypt on Both Mac and Windows
Share files with friends no matter their OS. You use a Mac, your friend uses Windows — you both can encrypt and send files to each other with Encrypto.


28-9-2017 | Versie : 1.3.1 | Omvang : 5,3 MB
Fully compatible with High Sierra.

25-11-2015 | Versie : 1.3 | Omvang : 4,4 MB
- Optimized for OS X El Capitan

3-9-2015 | Versie : 1.2.2 | Omvang : 4,3 MB
- All known issues addressed

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#164 : Top gratis Mac Apps [Diensten]

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Commentaar en waardering voor Encrypto: Secure Your Files

Functional, looks nice but... (1.3)
24-6-2016 21:15:00 4/5 Door JaNNee2016
reading Slashdot, Wired and so on, looking at US law the fear for a “backdoor” by FBI/NSA is real..

Effective, elegant and simple. (1.3)
25-5-2016 18:11:00 5/5 Door Yeah, it‘s me
Fast. slim and intuitive. Great for making stuff inaccessible on remote servers and cloud storage. AES256 means it’s very secure, although there’s one concern: why is it free? A small payment would remove any concerns about the profit model for this wonderful litte encrypter.

Encrypto Perfecto! 👌 (1.3)
26-3-2016 13:13:00 5/5 Door Ellen Van D.
I'm not a complete all day privacy geek but I believe every person today has a few files on their computers and devices that could benefit from a password because the contents inside are so personal! This little app does just that. Lean, simple and easy.. Drag and drop your files or folders on top of the app, set a password and lock it up.. 🔐 This app is free but it's not 'free quality', It's really made with lots of care and details in mind. Maybe two impovements for the developers. - For some reason I can't delete my encrypted files to the trash by using default keyboard shortcuts, only dragging it to the trash works. ( maybe this is a feature ) - Maybe include a 10 times wrong entered password check > destroy the file completely feature. Everything else is perfect, great work!

Top. No nonsense-app (1.1)
1-6-2015 22:17:00 5/5 Door dsmjazz
Gebruik zelf al andere software van MacPaw, zoals Hider en CleanMyMac3. En net als die software werkt deze software super.

Excellent (1.1)
20-5-2015 10:28:00 5/5 Door Smiggel
Simply an excellent app! It’s so easy to use. Missing only one thing. Wish I could create a container with Encrypto or add files to an encrytped file. Now I have to create a new file everytime I want to add items.

safe sharing (1.1)
16-5-2015 12:11:00 4/5 Door MvdO
I never shared my documents over the net, but with this app I trust sharing over the net of my documents in a safe way.

Viva Macpaw (1.1)
16-5-2015 11:38:00 4/5 Door xanyan
i have an unshaken confidence in ALL products of MacPaw. Also this one does not let me down

When close the program hangs (1.1)
15-5-2015 19:35:00 1/5 Door Senhor Cannibal
Everytime I want to close the program it hangs! Really not good!!!

Simple and easy (1.1)
15-5-2015 16:30:00 5/5 Door H.B.H.D. Louwhoff
It’s a nice little program that does exactly what it says it does. Great work MacPaw!

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