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Boxy for "Inbox by Gmail"

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Door Francesco Di Lorenzo

Boxy 2 is finally here. This is a minimal and powerful e-mail client you’ll fall in love with, and it’s been rebuilt from the ground up with new features and themes, a thoroughly refined interface and countless improvements.

Boxy is built for ‘Inbox by Gmail’, so it works with any Gmail account. Inbox by Gmail makes your inbox smarter and more powerful, with features like Trips, Highlights, Snooze and Quick Replies.

** Featured on The Verge, The Next Web, Wired, Charged, LifeHacker, MacWorld, Netted by The Webbys, The Modern Desk and Gear Patrol. **


- Modern, clean, responsive interface, completely refined in version 2
- Multiple accounts and multiple windows support
- Status bar menu with quick access to your accounts and their unread counts
- Full support to ‘Inbox by Gmail’ and its distinctive features. (Trips bundles, reservations previews, saved links and much more)
- Reader Mode, for an awesome email reading experience
- Saved Searches, for users who frequently need to search using the same queries
- Multiple Themes. Choose between Light, Dark, White, Black and Crimson
- Native macOS notifications with avatars and Dock icon badge
- Markdown support in the email composer
- VIM and OS X style shortcuts support
- Full screen email composer
- Smaller minimum window size compared to all other clients
- Granular interface settings to make it perfect for you
- All in sync, start writing on Boxy e continue on mobile or web
- Regular free updates

And of course we fully support all of 'Inbox by Gmail' amazing features, like:

- Snooze your emails
- Automatically suggested smart replies
- Add Reminders right in your inbox
- Bundles keep emails organized
- ‘Trips' smart bundle and previews
- Pin emails to keep them in your inbox
- Smart newsletters preview
- Google Calendar events parsing and invites shortcuts in the inbox
- ‘Saved' bundle for your saved links
- Full archive search with smart queries

And so much more!

Boxy is not affiliated with, associated to, nor endorsed by Google in any way. Gmail, Google, ‘Inbox by Gmail' and the Google Logo are trademarks of Google Inc.


1-11-2017 | Versie : 2.0.1 | Omvang : 3,6 MB

- Download attachments directly inside Boxy

- Using Cmd+1,2,3 shortcuts when there is no Boxy window on screen, now opens a new window with the selected account
- Add additional info to printed email (sender, date, subject)
- Fix bug in reader mode causing window to scroll to top when dragging
- Fix "Reset Boxy" button in Settings (now it also deletes the accounts)

22-9-2017 | Versie : 2.0 | Omvang : 3,6 MB
Our first major update is finally here! We’ve been working on it for a long time, thanks so much to all our beta tester for their precious feedback.


- Brand new Multi-Account system. Faster and more reliable.
- New Status Bar Menu to quickly see and access your accounts.
- Global Notifications. We completely revamped our notification system, you’ll be notified about new messages in all your accounts.
- Saved Searches. You can now save your most used searches, which can also be triggered via shortcuts — a big productivity boost for e-mail hardcore users.
- Completely rewritten styling and refined interface design, with much better information density.
- Brand-new “Crimson” Theme.
- Redesigned White Theme.
- New app icon, and custom icons for specific themes.
- Account name is now in the app’s Nav Bar.
- New bigger font size option.


- Core stability and performance improvements due to completely rewritten core logic.
- Reader Mode button is now in the messages list. (appears when hovering on a message)
- Boxy’s windows are now titled and recognized by the system according to the open account. This is especially handy if you time tracking apps like "Timing", which will not separate your accounts.
- Files can now be attached via a File Picker. (before it was only Drag & Drop)
- Better print support. Now printing attachments opens your default browser with the print dialog shown. Emails, instead, can be printed directly into Boxy.
- You can now hit Cmd + and Cmd - to change Boxy's UI font size.
- Shortcuts to change accounts have been changed to Cmd+1, 2, 3...
- You can now change theme from the View menu.
- Also, account shortcuts now brings the app back in foreground if it was hidden.
- You can now add a new account directly in a new window. (hold Alt)
- More granular, per-account settings.
- New Interface > Hide email counts setting. (for real minimalists)
- Avatars in notifications are now proper Google avatars.
- Improved support for multi-screen setups. Now Boxy remembers all your opened accounts and upon launch restores them even with multiple screens attached.
- Better font size consistency.
- Improved logic to reconnect when Mac is offline when Boxy launches.
- Obviously, tons of bug fixes. (Thanks for all the reports and feedback!)

20-10-2016 | Versie : 1.2.1 | Omvang : 3,2 MB
Hello friends,
while we are hard at work on Boxy 2.0 (more info at, this is a compatibility update for upcoming macOS releases which squashes most of the bugs.

Stay tuned for more (free) updates in the upcoming months.

By the way, App Store reviews are very helpful to us. If you like Boxy and want to support its development, would you mind taking a moment to write a nice review? We'd greatly appreciate it.


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Commentaar en waardering voor Boxy for "Inbox by Gmail"

Great OSX version of Google’s Inbox (1.1)
22-3-2016 14:13:00 5/5 Door Jaap Rutten
I was a devoted user of the Mailbox app. When it closed down I tried a couple of alternatives but Google’s Inbox suited my mailbox needs the best. Boxy is everything you expect from a good OS X implementation of the Inbox web version and since the last update it even gives you some nice features that the web version of Inbox doesn’t give you...

Promising, but failed in the end (1.0.2)
15-3-2016 12:57:00 2/5 Door JeffDiJandoret
The worked in the beginning pretty well, but after a while I couldn’t even log in! It confused my google for work email with the regular email. I keep getting a message shift-cmd-r to refresh in order for it work. But it still doesn’t work! Now I’m in the process of deleting the app and trying to reinstall it. I usually don’t post negative reviews, but this really irritated me. I contacted them through email and twitter, but not much help there. It’s a pity, because the app is a good app. They just need to handle their users/customer support better and update in quicker iterations.

Slow, big and no auto refresh... (1.0.2)
22-2-2016 7:46:00 2/5 Door JadoveDominick
Purchased this app since I have a few pop accounts to keep track off and they are all in gmail so this seemed like a good app but iits extremely slow, often taking up to 1 gig of ram with a ‘zero-inbox’ screen. Also…. there isnt an auto refresh so you do not get properly notified about new emails.. You have to manually press the cmd+r to refresh...

Like the idea, but not all of the execution (1.0.2)
9-2-2016 21:33:00 3/5 Door bobviol
There are a lot of good things about Boxy, it does some things nicely, like account switching and the changes it made to the page. The app looks really good! But it does feel sluggish (like suggested earlier), everything just seems a little bit slower than the just through the website. Also I am missing some simple settings, like turning of the notifications and turning off the mail counter in the dock (i think that are actually the only 2 real settings I would like to set). Also account switching is the worst, it takes a couple of seconds. I would think that it would always keep both open and you just switch between “tabs”. And the last, I think keeping the + for a new e-mail at the bottom would be great. That’s just where you expect it with the material design :-) So with some small changes, it would be a great app and I would definitly use it, but unfortunatly mail is a to big thing for me to take these small things for granted. PS. I did signup for the newsletter - if these things change, I would like to know :-)

The best Inbox client (1.0.2)
3-2-2016 8:09:00 5/5 Door Marijn Be
First I wanted to buy a cheaper client. I. Was. Wrong. Boxy is a lovely app with great support. Head over to their Reddit page, they love new features. Stop searching, this will be the best client voor your Inbox.

A great product. Bit sluggish on my 13 inch. (1.0.2)
8-1-2016 19:48:00 3/5 Door GeffreyBos
I am a vivid user of (unofficial) software that wrap my favorite web–applications to a native application. When I found out about Boxy I was eager to try it, of course. After I have been using it for quite some weeks now I noticed I would often find myself in my browser instead of Boxy itself. The reason being the ‘sluggishness’ of the application itself. The overall brilliant take on Inbox by the Gmail team seems to not like being dragged around my screen, having bundles folded out or anything graphically ‘intense’. I am no programmer nor do I know what causes the 'frame drops' (as far as I know it only uses 15mb ram!). A brilliant piece of software, which is unfortunately not playing nice with my 13-inch Macbook Pro Retina.

Use lots of memory (0)
15-12-2015 7:59:00 3/5 Door macjk
Nice looking app, works fine but use a lot of memory. After 1 day of use the application claimed 950MB. The upload button doesn’t work only possibility to add a file to a email is drag and drop.

Good, but expected juuust a little more (0)
9-12-2015 18:33:00 3/5 Door yoazt
I like this, it’s a great improvement to have a native app. However, the most important thing I was hoping that this would support is proper attachment handling: I still cannot drag attachments out to my desktop, drag attachments onto a mail if I’m replying (i.e. not in the pop-out composer), or save all attachments in one go. Obviously, this is only the first version, but I’m really hoping these things could be added. If so, this would make Boxy near perfect!

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