Last Empire – War Z: Strategy 4/5

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Last Empire – War Z: Strategy

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Battle other survivors from around the world and train your own zombie army in Last Empire – War Z, the base-building war game! Defend your empire as the walking dead roam the streets and the apocalypse alliance tries to destroy your empire. Survive the zombie apocalypse in Last Empire - War Z and develop your empire with allied survivors to slaughter zombie troops. Can you be the strongest survivor of them all?

Last Empire - War Z is a zombie apocalypse-themed survivor game. Battle against zombies and other survivors to build your empire and army. Team up with allies from around the world to fight enemies, defend against the walking dead and participate in online events. Gather resources to support your army and grow your empire in Last Empire - War Z!

Last Empire - War Z Features:

End of the World Survivor Games
*Play survivor games with other players online!
*View zombie battles on the world map in real-time and chat with alliance members worldwide!
*Fight an army of the walking dead and other survivors to expand your empire!

Build an Army of Survivors
*Zombie Troops: Train deadly zombie troops as part of your army to destroy enemies!
*Improve your army and recruit Officers with unique survival skills and abilities!
*Use the Varied Skill Trees and develop your army to fit your play style!

Take on the Zombie Apocalypse Online 
*In-game events offer constant challenges and great rewards!
*Work together to achieve powerful bonuses in survivor alliance activities!
*Participate in base-building strategy games and use new technology to fight the walking dead!

Destroy zombies, clash with other survivors or join a powerful alliance as you struggle to survive the zombie apocalypse in the world of Last Empire - War Z!

Download today and take part in the zombie war!


19-1-2018 | Versie : 1.0.178 | Omvang : 192,1 MB
Embellish the appearance inside the City with a more exquisite display.

Optimization of the Regional Map
Different signs will be added to both Alliances in combat on the thumbnail to help Commanders recognize them. Wait for your discovery.

11-1-2018 | Versie : 1.0.177 | Omvang : 190,0 MB
Optimization of Mail Categories.
· Optimized the category of Activity mail.
· Mail related to the Cross-State Battle, Desert Expedition, Arms Race and other activities was moved to the category of [Activity] instead of [System].

Added the 6th Stage of Alliance.
· Added [Great Alliance IV]. Increased the Alliance Population Cap.
· Added [Defender Buster - Defense]. Increased the Attack to Territory Defending Troops in Desert.
· Added [Defender Buster - Attack]. Increased the Defense against Territory Defending Troops in Desert.
· Added [Race Against Time]. Increased the Construction Speed of Desert Buildings.

Optimization of War Z Treasure Activity
· Now, your current Round drawn and the total of Rounds are displayed on the Activity Main Interface.
· Added a Reward Preview button on the Activity Main Interface. Click it to view all Activity Rewards.

· Optimized the display effect of the gift - Crystal Ball on the Personal Information Interface.

5-1-2018 | Versie : 1.0.176 | Omvang : 193,1 MB
Update Inscription of Desert Expedition

Regular Update:
· Added the Number of Building Plots outside of the City in the Desert Temporary Military Zone. Update to version 1. 0. 171 is necessary.
· The Number of Reinforcement Capacity can be increased in the Desert Fortress.
· The Max Lvl of Archaeological Camp will no longer be affected by the Desert Strengthen Abilities.
· Added an active Skill [First Pot of Sand] in the Desert Strengthen Abilities. Receive the Dead Dust immediately after using it.
· Added the Land Requisition Permission (Activity) item in the Desert Conflict Rewards.

Desert Gold Rush:
· Shortened the Combat intervals when attacking the Territory Defense.
· The Wounded Troops as a result of attacking the Territory Defense will no longer enter the Rescue Center.
· Troops will Return Home after attacking the Empty Space.
· Reduced the difficulty of Gold Mines less than Lv.10.
· When leaving the Desert, the system will gather Territories automatically and send them to the mailbox.
· Reduced the Number of Gold Mines on the World Map, but the distribution of Gold Mines will be more centralized.


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Games , Amusement , Rollenspel , Strategie

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Commentaar en waardering voor Last Empire – War Z: Strategy

Niet leuk spel (1.0.134)
7-5-2017 13:33:12 1/5 Door kopenkraler
Ik kon bijna niets doen

Still crashes (1.0.132)
20-4-2017 6:33:36 2/5 Door Wizzard of Olzt
From version 1.0.128 the app still crashes after the first startup. We are now at 1.0.132, and it still crashes. Even in the middle of the game. That means loosing money. Fix it!!!

☹️ (1.0.128)
26-3-2017 12:38:37 1/5 Door Die ene uit m'n dakgoot
Stop with that stupid videos pls

Leuk spel (1.0.120)
25-1-2017 14:34:00 5/5 Door wartabv
Mooi en verslavend,ontmoet spelers uit de hele wereld ,die deze grazy game spelen.

Stolen base lv 30 (1.0.113)
14-12-2016 10:56:00 5/5 Door State 260
I want to report a thief who stole a base 30 and has caused disorder in our Kingdom 260, base name is William coordinates: 611: 604

Great game, but lots of bugs (1.0.100)
23-10-2016 18:02:00 3/5 Door The Murrr
Try reporting a specific problem. You can't. They expect you to click a limited selection of options and if your bug is not there: then learn to live with it. That's really unfortunate for an otherwise great game.

Can not log in (1.0.94)
9-10-2016 14:56:00 3/5 Door Ronnes4
Please fix the game because i can not log in anymore 😔 and its state wars!!!!

😡😡 (1.0.94)
6-10-2016 12:27:00 1/5 Door Crash problemssss
I've lost my acc and i have informed the 'customer support' two days ago And still didn't got an reply or solution

FIX THE BUGS (1.0.81)
24-8-2016 11:06:00 1/5 Door Crash problemssss
The switching acc bug is still not resolved, it has been an couple days like this

awesome to play (1.0.76)
14-8-2016 10:06:00 5/5 Door vadivel meenakchi
nice to play with pl around the world side by side and yet more surprise

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