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Door Braintoss B.V. (Richard Wolfe)

Whenever you have a thought that you don't want to lose - speak, snap or scribble it into the Braintoss app and it will be sent to your inbox for later use.

• Capture your To-do’s in one click
• Empty your brain on the spot
• Quickly capture when on the move
• Voice message transcribed into text
• Capture inspiring slides, receipts or business cards

Braintoss works with: Evernote, Trello, Todoist, Dropbox, Wunderlist and Onenote.

If you enjoy using Braintoss, please leave us a nice review. We'd really appreciate it.

Happy braintossing :)

"Just got best capture tool I've found for iPhone: Smartly simple design by 10yr GTDer." - Awesome praise from GTD guru David Allen via Twitter.

"At last something I actually use to remember those ideas or suggested films and books. Two touches and it is in your inbox and you can happily forget. Happy forgetting is the best!" - by Robert R Johnson

"Too bad I can't take it with me under the shower, that's where I have my best epiphanies!" - by Marc-Jan van Laake

"Just got a tip about a great practical app from a friend. Braintoss. Handy app." - by Dutch TV personality Jack van Gelder via twitter

Use Braintoss to capture stuff and send it to your inbox with one tap:
- for any thought/idea/task
- for Business Cards
- for QR Codes
- for receipts
- also from your Apple Watch!!


15-1-2018 | Versie : 4.1.1 | Omvang : 7,6 MB
Bug fixes

21-9-2017 | Versie : 4.0.0 | Omvang : 7,3 MB
- Start Braintoss in your favourite mode using 3D Touch
- Start Braintoss in your favourite mode every time using Quick start
- Send a Braintoss from other apps using the Share function
- Scan a document, receipt or business card using the OCR function
- Improved Apple Watch app with Complication
- Improved camera features (selfie mode, flash)
- Paste text or images with the clipboard button
- More languages supported for voice recognition
- Change the format of your email through Server settings (see support)

- Support for new domain names and irregular characters in email addresses
- Performance improvements
- Image and sound quality improvements


iOS update 4.0 of Braintoss releases new functions to improve capturing your thoughts.

If you are in another app on your phone and you run into something interesting or a reminder for a task you can then use the share function (the square box with an arrow going up) to share that item with Braintoss and it will be sent to your inbox without leaving the other app.

You can also start Braintoss in the same mode every time you open it. We noticed many users have a favourite mode they use most of the time (note or speech). This eliminates one more click (and every click less is a great improvement in our opinion :)

Are you capturing a document? Simply tap the document icon at the top left of the image capture and we will try apply image-to-text for that receipt or note. You will then receive the text in your email both as text and as a PDF attachment. This also helps searching for the note at a later time. Is the document a business card, then use the vCARD button to receive a digital business card with the email.

And much worth mentioning, the server side settings can change the format of the email you receive. This may help when sending your braintosses to systems like ToDo managers or accounting tools. To receive an instruction and a list of commands simply send a text note with the word Settings to yourself.

We hope you enjoy the new features look forward to hearing your suggestions how we can further improve Braintoss.

Happy Braintossing ;-)

29-7-2015 | Versie : 3.0.3 | Omvang : 3,9 MB
Bug fixes


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Commentaar en waardering voor Braintoss

Just what I needed to make notes (3.0.3)
12-11-2016 4:13:00 5/5 Door Dr Case
This user interface is so simple that it's genius. Love the speech to text and selecting alternative email address by long hold.

Geweldig!!! (3.0.3)
18-8-2016 21:14:00 5/5 Door Mike Soldano
Een geweldige app, inspreken in de taal naar keuze (NL, ENG, etc.) en een redelijk goede transcript van de gesproken tekst ontvang je 10 sec later al in je opgegeven mailbox. Top!!!

Super handig (3.0.3)
14-4-2016 22:18:00 5/5 Door mjos.v
Met name in de auto, spreek al je ideeen, todos en wat alnietmeetzij in je foon en je krijgt ze netjes in je mail om later uit te werken. Top. Meer heb je niet nodig. Simpel en doeltreffend, de rest komt later..

The only third-party app which made it to Dock (3.0.3)
19-2-2016 8:11:00 5/5 Door Douze points
While many people use task managers and to-do list apps, this is a very simple and reliable app stores your idea’s and thoughts straight into your mailbox. I use it with a Outlook rule managed Braintoss map, which makes it very handy to manage my tasks when i’am up to it.

Toppertje (3.0.3)
10-1-2016 20:06:00 5/5 Door Louis Damkaas
Zeer handig en gebruikersvriendelijke app. Vooral voor functies in de buitendienst.

Love it (3.0.3)
29-9-2015 14:28:00 5/5 Door Eveliennnnn
Great app, never forget a thing. This helps me to be a reliable partner to my clients!

top!! (3.0.3)
19-8-2015 19:23:00 5/5 Door oliz.123
clean simple effective. love it!

Top (3.0.3)
11-8-2015 15:50:00 4/5 Door Ina Comello
Top app!!!

Braintoss (3.0.3)
8-7-2015 14:31:00 4/5 Door jeroen_reinders
Super blij met deze App erg handig onderweg en een echte aanrader

Aardig (3.0.1)
26-4-2015 22:31:00 2/5 Door Staaldub
Handige tool maar niet voor in de auto. Op afstand werkt het slecht helaas.

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